At American Water, people are the foundation of our success. When we reduce safety incidents, sustain and modernize our infrastructure to deliver safe and reliable water, provide an excellent customer experience and strive to make American Water a place where everyone’s differences are celebrated, we are living our vision and values.

Social Goals

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a top-rated customer experience compared to our water and wastewater industry peers

A quarterly survey is conducted by a third-party firm of random regulated water and wastewater customers, and the results are aggregated and weighted for each individual state.


Our goal is zero injuries. We strive to foster a work environment that promotes emotional safety, a healthy lifestyle and being physically safe while at work and home. Every day, our employees should return home in the same or better condition as when they came to work. We all benefit when everyone involved with our organization is healthy and safe.

Progress is measured by tracking both the OSHA recordable injury rate (“ORIR”) and Days Away Restricted or Transferred (“DART”).

Water Quality

We are committed to protecting the environment and to excellent water quality by maintaining our history of materially complying with, and in many cases, surpassing, minimum standards required by applicable laws and regulations.

Performance in Drinking Water Program Compliance is measured by tracking the overall number of drinking water notices of violation, or NOVs, received by the Company. Drinking Water Quality is measured by counting the overall number of drinking water NOVs for maximum contaminant level exceedances received by the Company in accordance with internally established procedures. Both metrics may exclude NOVs related to newly acquired systems and associated with third-party violations, among others.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (People)

We are committed to increase the representation of women and to increase ethnic and racial diversity in the Company’s workplace. We believe that diversity creates stronger teams, better ideas, innovative ways of working, long-term sustainability and, ultimately, an organization that reflects the customers and communities in which we serve.

Progress is measured by tracking the percentage of female and racial/ethnic diversity based on voluntary self-identification.

Our Annual Performance Plan (APP), which provides for at-risk cash compensation to be paid to American Water employees upon the achievement of stated short-term annual business objectives, is aligned with our commitment to ESG principles. Performance measures and other mandatory training requirements for 2023 APP eligibility included the following:

  • Drinking Water Quality and Program Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction, Employee Safety and Employee Diversity
  • Code of Ethics program requires completion of a training module in order for an employee to be eligible to receive an APP payout