Local Communities

Why It Matters


We are proud to provide meaningful support to the communities we serve. As a national water and wastewater utility company with a local presence, we believe that helping our communities thrive is a business imperative. We engage regularly with our customers to better understand how we can meet their needs through strong partnerships, communications and collaborations. We are committed to our mission and remain true to our values by providing opportunities for local employment, financial support, volunteerism and other forms of support. We want our community contributions to be impactful, demonstrate who we are and what we stand for and support our successful business relationships with those we serve. 


Our Approach

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We want every community we serve to be better and stronger because we are there. We locate our offices alongside our operations to maximize our local presence and impact. With community support in mind, we relocated our headquarters in 2018 to Camden, NJ, a city that American Water has provided water service to since the 1880s. From our new headquarters, we can continue to provide support, form new partnerships and expand existing ones that improve our community. 

We build trust and support in the communities we serve through open and consistent communication about the services we provide. We want our customers to understand the efforts that we make to not only provide high-quality water and wastewater services, but also to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our communities. For more information, please refer to Customer Experience and Water Access & Affordability.

We focus on in-kind and financial efforts to support and uplift the communities we serve. The AWCF drives this effort by supporting the charitable endeavors of our employees through financial donations and employee volunteerism. We also engage with our local communities through educational campaigns and volunteerism at local schools to help build our talent pipeline and encourage careers in water.

We provide multiple channels through which community members and customers can reach us to voice concerns or ask questions, including a customer portal, social media, town hall meetings, community meetings and events. 

We also encourage our local community members to learn and better understand who we are and what we do through plant tours, open houses, town hall meetings and other events. Our surveys offer customers the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about how we can strengthen our community involvement and impacts.