Today's stakeholders expect corporations to provide leadership on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and make a positive impact.

Stakeholders want to see defined and measured actions and results that are reflective of a company’s commitment to the principles of ESG.

Water Drop

"As a national water and wastewater utility company with a local presence, we believe that helping our communities thrive is a business imperative. We engage regularly with our customers to better understand how we can meet their needs through strong partnerships, communications and collaborations."


In the last 15 years, we have donated more than $7 million nationwide to United Way initiatives.


In the last decade, we have donated $2.6 million to Water for People


American Water employees participated in
5,100 hours of service.

Honoring Our First Responders

Our employees hold various roles outside of American Water. Many are parents or caregivers, active community members and volunteers. Some of our employees are also first responders in their communities.

Giving Back is Beautifully Different: By the Numbers

AWCF Matched Funds for Employees