Doing Well Through Our Infrastructure

Investing in and protecting water infrastructure is key to our business.

Every day, we work to support and improve our water and wastewater systems, which include over 51,000 miles of pipe, hundreds of water and wastewater treatment plants, more than a thousand water storage facilities and pumping stations, 1,000+ groundwater wells and 80 dams.

Water Drop

"To safeguard our long-term water supply, we promote conservation throughout our value chain, work to minimize water leakage throughout our infrastructure and utilize water reuse strategies in areas of limited supply. We use our expertise to help manage water supply, a finite resource, and safeguard customers’ long-term needs."

Resiliency Planning Helps When Natural Disasters Occur

Recent flooding on the Mississippi River continues to set new records. As the water rose, Iowa American Water employees worked around the clock to continue to provide water service to customers. While flooding is not a new challenge, in 2019 the river rose to a record-setting 22.7 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). Additionally, due to heavy rainfall, the river crested for a second time one month later at 21.7 feet AMSL.

2019 Water Withdrawal (Kgal)

Percentage of Water Sourced from Water Stressed Regions