To safely deliver water and wastewater services to our customers, adequate infrastructure must be in place to support these services. 

We strive to balance infrastructure needs with water and wastewater affordability by consistently making infrastructure investments that will minimize significant risks and maximize benefits to our customers.

Water Drop

"In 2021, we announced a new goal under which we will increase our water system resiliency to respond to more extreme events, measured as a 10% increase in the URI by 2030 (from a 2020 weighted average baseline)."

AMI Metering Transforms
Pocono District

Pennsylvania American Water’s Pocono district was the first district in Pennsylvania American Water to pilot Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters across their system.

Water Withdrawal (Kgal)1

1System Delivery (by point of entry) is being used for “withdrawals.

Percentage of Water Sourced From Water Stressed Regions2

2Water stressed areas include: New Jersey American Water system points of entry within Critical Areas 1 and 2, Monterey, California (active conservation program in accordance with California best management practices), Long Island, New York (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has set a goal for all Long Island water suppliers to reduce their peak demand water use by 15% by 2021) and Joplin, Missouri (reservoir supply needed for drought).